So it went a lil sumthin like this...

Nebby: gettin up to pee is not exercise suckafree: Yea huh! Nebby: nu uh... they just told me that today Nebby: thats just when u pee ur bladder deflates its not a 6 pack Suckafree: well I have been Flushing a lil more often Nebby: the real work out is puttin the seat bak down Nebby: you should try it Suckafree: Dang U 2......Aww man I do 2 of those a day Suckafree: And I swear I might Pull a muscul Nebby: well u kno..Nebby: i wish i could pee standin up Suckafree: U can Nebby: no man i tried Suckafree: It will jus run down ur leg tho Nebby: yea i really dont want that to happen

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