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I'm very blessed with a whole lotta talent around me... dont even gotta say mo'

Ladies and Gents meet my friend Rome... YOU can call him SuckaFree

Q: How long have you been in the business of photography?

For about 7mnths now

Q: What initially interested you into photography?

When my father past away he left me his Canon EOS 650 camera and I thought it would be very interesting to finish what he never finished.

Q: What would you say is more important Good Knowledge/Good Equipment?

Most defiantly GOOD KNOWLEDGE if you don't have the knowledge to work the equipment they you wont be able to even operate it from the get go.

Q: Which photographer do you look up to and why?

Thomas Rusch's work has caught my eye for right now he's a fine art photographer who shoots for GQ, Esquire, Surface, and Tank. His style is very clean but yet very abstract .

Q: What genera of photography are you most interested in?

I was really into Landscaping but, right now i would have to say portraits are my favorites, imm kinda branching off into other kinds and forms of photography from Polaroids to even using expired film

Q: If you could work along side any one photographer who would it be?

My best friend Cordell he and I collab on alot of pieces and are work turns out alot betta when two artist wrk on the same piece

Q: What genre of photography do you dislike the most and why?

uuuh i dnt like that portrait style photography with the cheesiie backgrounds those are lame


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ash. said...

who is he neb?! he is cute!!!