Just one of them days

Well hello there fellow bloggers!

I'm in a real good mood today even though i shouldnt be... my day started off kinda off, woke up late but still made it to marketing class. I was sooooooo hungry (like always) reached in my Gucci bag (lol) to get my LV wallet (lol) then realized i left it at home which = no food for me *sigh*

my sweet friend Calvin offered to get me breakfast and i could pay him back but i said NOOOoope then he made fun of the fact that i never take anything from anyone and how i was built around the great wall of china lol 'whatever' he was reffering to the fact that i never let anyone get close (true) but awwwwwwwwww wells i still luv him.

so Calvin me and my new buddy neillio are going to our ACA class to take our computer test, Calvin got it all planned out to bribe our young teacher that rocks sick dunks; with food to help us with our test...before getting into class we all get really hungry and of course im still denying the free money lol so 45 minutes later they leave me to get food

i go in to take my super hard test and i get an 85% WOOHOOO.

blackberry goes off i have a dentist appointment at 2pm which i totally forgot about...I'm thinking about canceling...to call or not to call?

well since its 1:30 pm it would be rude to call 30 minutes before the appointment

i rush home to get food and my wallet then speed all the way to young and Sheppard to see Dr. Babel my good looking Moroccan dentist to be greeted by his secretary who is looking at me like i got 5 heads, so i give her the "Wat's ur problem" look, she says Dentist is reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally sick and they called everyone xpt for me >:/ wtf

why not me?!

anyway before i flip out on her i do a quick wooo saaaaah and get the fuk out of there she still apologizing i slam the door and bounce

oh i am soooooo telling the Dr. on her ass when he gets back in the office but my plan is to NOT go on Thurs. and not callcuz well im gonna forget to on purpose. =)

on my way home i stopped at Xtreme fitness and got a membership, just cuz its close and mucho convenient. let the sweating begin


Ms. future buns of steel

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