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Why did you first get into DJing?

- I think I got into it about 10 years ago, I wrecked my anckles skateboarding for the millionth time, so I had to stop. Me and my brother bought a pair of technics and a mixer. I never intended to become a club dj, I just loved music (especially hip hop back then) and mixing, scratching and just playing around with it was really addictive. Being able to do that gave the music an extra dimension. I got hooked right away and started to collect records and made mixtapes for myself.

How long have you been a DJ?

-I started DJing in clubs I guess 5 years ago. Moving to Amsterdam in 2000 made me go to a lot of parties and meeting a lot of dj's and promoters. My best friend Tom Trago with who I was living with at the time was already DJing at clubs and he kind of pushed me to do it as well and he created a monster! haha.

What’s your favorite track that you like to play?

- That changes a lot, but right now I still really like to play: Calvin Harris - Acceptable in the 80's and Chromeo's - Fancy Footwork.

When you are up there do you have a play list or do you read the crowd?

- I've never used a playlist and probably never will. How can I now what people want, and what the vibe at a club will be or what other dj's before me play when I'm still at home. I do usually have tracks that I really want to play, new ones or classics. But I just build my set around them, when I play it's more about the people on the floor then me. But most people seem to like the same stuff as me so we're all winners baby!

Oh yeah, I lied about the playlist, I used it once. But it was at a choreographed fashion show so I had to.

Best DJ experience?

- I don't really know I usually have a lot of fun while playing, but going abroad is crazy. Last summer we played with the whole STRFCKR crew in Barcelona, that was something else. There is a youtube thing of that event on my MySpace. And Milan three weeks ago was insane, it was a filthy ass club, but the party was wild, people went insane and sweat was dripping of the ceiling, what more do you want?

Future plans?

- I just signed with a new booking agency, it's so new it doesn't even have a name yet, haha. But it's owned by one of the bigger party organisers here in Amsterdam and there going to take over the world with their Girls Love DJ's party, and they're taking me with them! Check em out at www.girlslovedjs.com, next to that I'll be playing more parties here in the Netherlands and Europe and I'm going to start a new weekly club night here in Amsterdam with my friends The Walk & Roger72 and the boys of the Beesmunt SoundSystem check them out in my MySpace topfriends.

And offcourse being a part of STRFCKR, we're trying to get a video done and we're working on the new album. The first one is available at www.legaldownload.com for only 2,49! euro's that is. And we hope we're gonna do some festivals this summer.

When did you start producing your own tracks?

I haven't really produced a track myself yet all the stuff I did isn't good enough haha, but expect some in the future. Most stuff is done by Simon Little from STRFCKR he's the genius. All credit goes to him I just sit in the studio and look pretty. I'm doing some vocals on the new strfckr album and drink wodka.

When you are not DJing, what do you like to do?

- At night when I don't have a gig, I usually go to a party where one of my friends like Tom Trago or Mr Wix is playing. Mr. Wix is the best DJ in the world by the way. I'm also a big ass MySpace nerd and spend a lot of time behind my computer looking for new tunes and reading your blog ofcourse , I rss feeded it baby! And I like to watch (AJAX Amsterdam!!) or play football (soccer that is) with friends. Did I already mention I like to drink wodka on the rocks and smoke sigaretes, I know, it's a filthy habbit.

What is one song you can not end the night without playing?

- That one changes every now and then. The Heard it to the Grapevine strfckr remix, You're so vain by Carly Simon and Betty Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes to name a few.

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