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1. Introduce yourself….

Easy! my names Gavs and i'm from one small ass city (compared to Canada!) called London. Its F*ckin freezin too – (am I allowed to swear Nebs?)

2. When did you first decide to become a graphic designer/illustrator? Was there a pivotal moment?

I remember when I used to draw all over my walls at home as a 3 year old...A4 sheets of paper, my Dads birth certificate and £20 notes just wasn’t good enough 4 me! (not that I knew what £20 was back then...) Since then I’ve drawn all of my life but it took a turn when I came runner up in a Marvel comics Uk competition as a 9-year old. I was invited to their studios and it made me realise that I loved it (the art) so much and that’s all I’ve wanted to do.

3. Who or what inspires you?

Photography, Fashion, Culture, Females (not in a derogatory way though, its just that drawin guys is a bit long – no curves!) then last but not least, my emotions. Thats what keeps me bein creative.

4. Where does your training come from? Self-taught? College/Art School?

I did go to art school, I felt that It was useful because I learnt new things, but I still consider myself self-taught.

5. How do you keep "fresh" within your industry?

By trying my best to improve all of the time – and not being afraid to be “different”. Its a lot harder now because everyone and their dog has a mac and photoshop. But I avoid all of that “filter”garbage and keep it simple lol

6. Are there any areas, techniques, mediums, projects in your field that you have yet to try?

I wanna have something i’ve done transferred onto a wall of a niteclub or somethin in the future, but I also gotta start doin graff again soon ‘cos id be so different to when I used to do it. The feds wouldn’t be able to catch me haha!

7. Anything else you would like to add/let people know about you?

I can see with my eyes closed lol


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