flYYZ [fly•why•zed]

Proof Vodka Bar + Sky Lounge
Intercontinental Hotel Yorkville

on July 3rd and EVERY SUNDAY OF SUMMER of 2011

An intimate and stylish playground for light hearted pleasure seekers. Summer nights are to be cherished, and at flYYZ the night includesdining, dancing, champagne, and musical toys for your thoughts. Will your mind come and play? The best of Hip Hop, Club, R&B, Dance, MashUp, & Remixes. Set in the heart of the city inside the Proof Vodka Bar+ Sky Lounge located in the Intercontinental-Yorkville every week this summer!

With a wide array of delicious appetizers, entrées, and dessertsavailable, we make it Sunday night dinner party.

Signature mimosas, as well as chilled champagne is readily available,because Gatorade isn't the coolest way quench a thirst. MUSIC DJ Tom Wrecks + DJ Lissa Monet + DJ LOKEI will use the best music has to offer to score the evening. Hop on the good foot.

*limited guestlist.

-Doors officially open at 7pm
-Complimentary entry with a reservation until 9pm
-Evening starts off with guests arriving for dinner and appetizers to be enjoyed inside and on the patio. (Weather permitting)
-DJ Lissa Monet + Tom Wrecks will provide the soundtrack to the night,allowing guests to mingle and dine to a beat.

PS: I'll be your host this Sunday :)

The night ends promptly at 1am, leaving patrons the opportunity to head safely home with enough time to be back in the office Monday morning! We recognize that the Proof Vodka Bar + Sky lounge inside the Intercontinental Hotel is not the "average" location, and we are inviting our guests to this coveted venue in the heart of Yorkville for a little Sunday summer fun. Making it the premier destination for dinner parties in the main room, large group celebration will have their own personal VIP booth, while casual patron will have the option of staying indoors, or enjoying drinks and appetizers on a beautiful patio.



Anonymous said...

truth be told this party suckssssss

Anonymous said...

BUT it's way better dancing and vibes than Day n Night! So if those are your only options aka you can't spend a better weekend in NYC or ATL, then go for it ;)