Transformation VS Change

"...But that is not the point. Where have you lost your truth? Where have you lost your being? Where have you lost your God? Where have you lost your happiness, your bliss? Better it will be before you go to the infinte maze of the outside world, better it will be to first look within. If you cannot find there then it is all right -- you go and search outside. But that has never happened. Whoever has looked within has always found -- because it is already there -- only a look is needed, a conversion, a returning of consciousness. Just a deep look."


Anonymous said...

Osssssho! His eyes scare the ish out of me though so I never caught much of his wisdom when he's on tv.

Ps. Can you give this wonderful young woman a lil' bit of shine on your blog? She got accepted by 13 top schools at the age of 15 including Harvard. #womenontop #africapower

Link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1384298/Student-15-way-Harvard-accepted-13-universities.html



Anonymous said...

Hey nebby, what programs do you use to edit your photos?