Facebook-loving parents name their baby "Like"

Though we haven't seen any of the baby pictures, the newest daughter of Lior and Vardit Adler is hopefully cute as a button. Because, well, she's named after one — Facebook's cherished "Like" button, that is.

Yes, this Israeli couple decided, after naming their first child Dvash ("honey") and their second kid Pie that it was time to go digital, and turned to "one of the most famous icons in the world" for inspiration, according to Lior.
He told the Israeli newspaper Haaretz that Like could be a modern equivalent of the traditional Jewish name Ahuva, which translates as "beloved."
But isn't Like a weird name? "I believe there will be people who will lift a eyebrow," acknowledged Like's proud father. And to be fair, it's got a slightly nicer ring than "Facebook," recently bestowed upon a newborn girl in nearby Egypt.
 By Wilson Rothman

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Anonymous said...

Like that like child is gonna like hear her name like everywhere! Like shake my like damn head :s