Beauty and The Beat: Gina Lee & T-Nyce

Hailing from a city where musical talent is rarely recognized, Gina Lee is determined to make her mark. She has always illustrated an artistic passion and a natural ability to touch her audience- but since connecting with Universal Music Group producer, T-Nyce in early 2010, it was at that very moment that Gina knew she had a special gift and began to cultivate it. The pair have stolen the hearts of many enthusiasts who anxiously await her upcoming EP entitled “The Preview”, available in mid June. The compilation of back to back awe-inspired music will speak to your soul with honest desires and incomparable depth. I had the pleasure of working with Gina in the studio, co-writing one of the songs that made the final cut and I'm also her wardrobe stylist alongside my partner, Bianca Brown. Life is incredibly busy, yet so amazing! Top industry executives are already causing an uproar of excitement and have predicted that this is the year which will be a paramount moment in her career. She's from Toronto and amazingly talented, so support! This single up above, called "Rich Boy" is a track off of her solo project. Take it in and let me know what you think of her sound. Positive Vibes, Pauleanna

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