It’s not a poem
It’s not a song
It’s what’s on my mind
I have developed a bad habit
Maybe bad for you because it’s good for me
Every single night, a different album on repeat
Same pure feeling
To the point where it feels so good I don’t want to sleep
Feels like the whole city is sleeping
It looks the brightest but I can tell no one is up
I’ve had a permanent smile on my face for the past God knows how many days
Why should i have to count anyway
My cheeks hurt so nicely from smiling
Someone even told me that I was being fake
I didn’t even bother asking why…
Sometimes I’m laughing at me, sometimes I laugh at you…
Of course you would take that the wrong way
I’m tired of protecting your feelings, you’re gonna hear what I have to say
Look, i’m not pretending because no one is paying me to pretend,  I wouldn’t even accept the offer
Let’s both save the time and energy
Look what happened the other day in Japan
Doesn’t that break your heart??
That’s something that’s bigger than the things you complain about…
I can’t please all of you, even though you want me to
Too positive she said …
As if that’s supposed to be a bad thing
Honestly, hate is a waste of emotion and time
Being brutally honest is ok
You can say exactly what you want to say, just mean it
The past is for learning
You wanna see me slip up so bad
Not gonna happen
My vision is bigger
If my friend heard me right now she would scream “YOU CAN’T SAVE EVERYONE!!”
why not ?? I saved myself didn’t I??
*this would be where she gets silent*
I have always been that one person that would touch the pot even if you tell me it’s hot
What if it’s not that bad…
What if my skin is thicker ??
Think about it, why wouldn’t you wanna channel a different feeling
Practice a different emotion
What’s the worse that could happen?
You end up a better person?
They call it everything except for what it is…

When I moved to your world no one told me I couldn’t say or do what I wanted…
My mother even said we were leaving home for a better life
It’s not better at allYou love pointing the finger and the fighter in me wants to break it off of you
Remember back in school when the teacher asked us what we wanted to be?
I told her something different every day
I wasn’t confused
I just wanted to do it all
I don’t have to be what you want me to be
It’s not me, It’s you
I’m in love with everything about me right now
Especially the rare beautiful One of A Kinds I keep at a hands reach
They’re nothing crazy
Some are friends, some are family, some are acquaintances, some are coworkers, some are mind blowing individuals
My point is, the feeling is always mutual
We can relate to each other and i don’t know if i’m supposed to share this since there are only a few of us but we don’t get along with a lot of you…
Not because we are better
Try not to take this so personal but we can’t relate to you, we even tried…
What is important to you is NOT important to us…
vice versa
It might be too deep to digest and accept but at least understand it
Maybe then you can embrace it
Hating on it because you don’t comprehend it is a weak use of emotion
It’s not for everyone…
A part of me hopes I didn’t confuse you
If i did, it just wasn’t meant to be…

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A. Lewis, Poet and Gentleman said...

Rather eloquent for what it's saying. Great message!