a true role model & rare talent who transcended sport... relive a few legendary Muhammad Ali quotes captured in this fantastic tribute video assembled by Gorilla Productions. One of the best Ali Tributes i've seen. Enjoy. Cherish the few living role models we have left, before they're all gone. Andy.


Don't Be Racist said...

Andy, please break off and get your own blog. I only visit this thing cause you stay posting the substantial stuff. The rest is all glitters, bullsh*t and bad advice lol
Seriously dude, do your own thing you deserve it and this blog is getting trashier by the day.

Anyway, good post...I thank you.

Andy. said...

Glad you relate to the few things I post on here...It's kinda the Consolation prize but you can always Follow me on twitter @whatnowandy is my handle.

..if I ever make my own site or blog I'll let you know. at this point I Don't think I'll go the Tumblr route.. feels a bit myspace'ish to me.

Adios for now,