The Legends League x Free Gucci

Close friend/talented witty designer Bryan the man behind Legends League has done it again!!! (Obvi)
Not sure if you know but you can't stop greatness...you can try, but you can NOT!
The story behind the work HERE and trust me when I say you better get yours HERE 


Anonymous said...


let us know, is this the classy criminal that youre supporting with those t-shirts?

lmfao... cmon, dont censor this nebby... post it

Nebby said...

Yup, Burrrrrrr

Anonymous said...

lol, dont be a hypocrite and push this just because its your friends endeavour or w.e.... dont be fake

you know you wouldnt be caught dead anywhere having annnything to do with this guy, especially with an ice cream cone tattooed on half his face

get real... burrrr? ohhh he makes it snow. i get it. promoting cocaine

disappointed homie, we both know youre better than that

dont censor, post... lets discuss