Farm to Fridge

Im a big advocate for knowing where my food comes from... if your not you probably shouldn't waist your time watching the video below that takes a look at modern day meat, poultry and fish production. In no shape or form am I encouraging you to become a vegan by posting this... it really goes back to the old saying... "knowledge is power" Interested in meet/food production? check out Food Inc. a full documentary that analyzes America's industrialized food system. watch the trailer here.


Nebby said...

andy...i almost cried i can't even go past 1 min :(

Anonymous said...

wow!! i was screaming and gagging. and im not a squemish chick. im definitely going to change where and what i eat. are you vegan andy?

i dont want to give up meat but how can i be sure its not coming from a place like this????

Andy. said...

no, im not a vegan but i'm selective with the food i eat, and try to eat as healthy as possible on a daily basis.

in the 9th grade after a few food and nutrition projects i decided to cut red meat out of my diet so as far as meat products go I only eat chicken, turkey and fish.

(in response to your question) they say the safest bet is to buy organic meat. Organic meat comes from an animal that has not been fed anything grown with toxic or synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or fumigants; has not been given any kind of growth hormone, antibiotic or genetically engineered product.

The only thing with organic meat/food is it's always more expensive sometimes 25- 40% more then the non-organic alternative..

the real answer is unless your in the food/meat industry you'll never really know where the hell the meat came from.... the food industry is "protected" by a whole bunch of BS laws and regulations so they never have to publicly share where the food is coming from. (or the process they take to get meat from the farm to grocery stores.)

..So as consumers we can't see whats really going on with the food we purchase and eat. We're left to make our food choices based on an organic tag or sticker on the outside of the packaging.

TheDeF said...

Bad thing about packaging is that there are no laws [to my knowledge] that say a company must actually produce organic foods in order to place an organic label on their products; the same way that there are no laws [to my knowledge] that say a company has to state on the packaging that their meat product is a result of cloning. You don't even wanna know what the odds are that your organic/non-organic meat is cloned.

In regards to the video, I'd hope that while people become more aware of where their meat and dairy products come from they also become knowledgeable on where their fruit and vegetable products come from. While fruits and veggies don't have feelings [i'd like to believe otherwise] over planting soil could mean that your produce lacks the amount of nutrients it should have. More or less you're buying and eating mass produced air. Also, it was recently brought to my attention that they wash some of your veggies in sodium chloride water before they package them and wax is sprayed on fruit to make it more attractive in stores.

Your best bet for avoiding all of this? Grow and raise your own food. Then and only then will you know where it came from and what it's been through. When it comes to the meat though, it's never going to be pretty and it's never going to be humane.

FraNcis James said...

I would watch this now, but I got chicken for lunch tomorrow so i'll wait..

Anonymous said...

while i agree with how unnecessary it was for these "farmers" or more or less factory workers to brutally torture these animals, i have to say that i feel as though this video was made for only one reason; make the public aware of what goes on behind the scenes then ask them to turn vegan. which is a false alternative. The narrator is giving the choices to either carry on with eating this meat, (which also poses a loaded question that if we choose to continue to eat meat and dairy and such then we agree with these killing procedures)or the alternative choice to go veg. This is false to give because there are more choices.

Like Andy said, he is selective with the food he eats. be aware, try to stick to organic meats and poultry and hopefully you wont have to give up eating all of those necessary nutrients your body desires to grow and function.

Of course that is not the only other alternative and if you have strong beliefs against this type of food then there are ways to go around it.

Personally i believe in the food chain and without it i see a very over crowded and diseased planet.

*side note for the narrator: animals have to be alive before their dead so saying things like "they sliced his throat while he was fully conscious" doesn't mean anything to me.

I DONT agree with the punching, stabbing and overcrowding, but farming is not a clean and pretty job.