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Hey! I love the blog as well as your tumblr, we have friends that are mutual friends and that's how I came across your blog etc (I promise I'm not a creep lol) But you seem like such a cool person and from what I've read you look and seem as if you have your shit together...how do you maintain such a nice balance between work, and stress and friends and still being original and yourself and most importantly, happy. I feel like your style is influenced but never imitating and that can sometimes be hard. Just would like your opinions. Love your style and you seem like a genuinely great person to be friends w hopefully I get to meet you someday, I'd love that, you're awesome!! :]


Hi Dee!
I'm just catching up on my emails now and I’m so disappointed in how late I am in responding to them. What I will do is post my personal iPhone email address on the side for people to email me directly that way I can get back to people accordingly.

OK! Thank you so very much for the compliments; it’s very sweet of you! To answer your question, I try my hardest to maintain balance in my life. I can't please everyone, from time to time I have to hear it from my friends or family for focusing on certain things and not remembering to put in my time with them. What I am training myself to do is to balance things out more and treat everything that is important to me as equally important…(hope that makes sense) stress sucks so fuckin bad, but I do have to go thru it, shit, we all do, I find that surrounding myself with people that I love so much and doing fun things with them is what keeps me sane and happy. Great friends are almost instinct so hold on to the ones that bring out the best in you.

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thanks girl you're ILLL!