Video Taaaawk

Some of you guys have been sending me messages on tumblr talking about my "words of wisdom". idk where its all coming from but thank you, i guess? so someone (who asked me not to name drop) asked me a question. i do not know her but she was one of my twitter followers. anyways, i went on video chat with her because she INSISTED on me giving her advice. after talking to her for a several min, lol the first few were kinda akward, we got down to business and solved the problem. She was actually really friendly and sooo not stalkerish lol. SO! I decided that maybe if you guys have any questions for me, wether it be random, personal, whatever, i could answer them for ya via video. all you gotta do is email me at the segment email with the subject titled "question for kenza". lets see how this goes. oursegment@yahoo.com

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Anonymiss said...

I just started following you on twitter, and I felt stalkerish for real LOL

this makes me feel better, I'll think of a really good question and get back to ya!