Missing the good ol (sex) days

Hey Neb!
I sooooo have a question! Okay, I am in a relationship things are goin well except in one aspect: the sex isn't what it used to be! Its just a wam bam thank you ma'am type thing. =( A girl has needs and I don't wanna step outside my relationship but what de hell do I do!? Cause there are plenty a guys I know that can take care of that glitch if he won't! (Wrong I know) Lol I tried to talk about it but he became defensive so I don't know! How should I go about this and improve our sex life?
J.Rabbit (incognito lol)

Hi Miss J. Rabbit (lol)

Man oh man, i have been in a comparable state before, with my FIRST boyfriend, after being together for more than a year the sex became a routine and I just couldn't handle that, I never spoke about it tho, I just got turned off as time went on and we eventually broke up. Whoever said that sex is NOT significant is clearly buggin out cuz
Dreadful sex + Time= A breakup waiting to happen.
I am not telling you to break up with him because as I got older I would almost certainly have handled that connection a tad bit differently. What I would do if I was you is take charge, if you want things done differently sometimes you have to make it happen on your own. Switch it up on his ass, play dress up, cuff him, blindfold him, show him while telling him what you want ;)
OH! You know what helps and makes couples do kinky things?!?? WINE!!!! I’m not sure if you're a drinker but a few glass of wines.....and yea...
In conclusion, don't make it HIS responsibility to feel the need to change things up and keep YOU pleased because what if he is feeling the same way??? Take the lead and play boss for a change, you might bring out his freaky side.



Anonymous said...

a friend of mine had the same issue soo to mess with his head....she made sure he caught her using a vibrator....it kinda ticked him off but made him realize a machine was doin more that him soo he had to show her that it was incomparable to him.......apparently it worked cuz she said the sex has never been more steamy and they've been more open to using toys and what not....good luck

Jessica said...

Thanks Neb for responding! Def taking in the advice! *hopes for improvement*