..hardly home barely rep'n tour continues

.. next stop: boston, mass
click the photo to get the full picture in high-res
nebby/kenza help me out ...what are the "must do's" in the bean?... anyone else familiar with boston out there?? all help is appreciated.. thx in advance


Anonymous said...

that's a dope pic tho!

kenzathegreat said...

1) the predential center (a really big tower that has stores and resturants) it connects to the copley centre (high end brand name stores and stuff)

2) Park Street


Nebby said...

You gotta go to fenway park and after a game if u feel like clubbin theres a whole strip of clubs behind it.
if you want some good spanish food go to Merenges.
park st annnnnnnnnnnnnnd hmmmmmmmmm The Boston Museum of Science, Sam Adams Brewery, North end and NEWBERRY STREET!

mia said...

nooo waayy!! SKIP FENWAY go to the new yankee stadium ;)

Anonymous said...

boston has the most boring nightlife...

Andy. said...

miss p - thx took in hanging out the window in pittsburgh decided to edit it a bit - came out alright i guess

neb/kenz - merci.. added to the itinerary

mia - would luv to see a game @ new yankee stadium hopefully i can make it happen this year ... but for now no plans to make it out to NY

Anonymous said...

there's plenty of sh*t to do out here fam. if you a tourist in any city and don't know anyone or anythin' sh*t CAN get boring due to limitations. keep me posted, we'll line some shit up.

Liza said...

you need to go to mass ave (in boston) this streets goes on for citiess. but they have good shit in this street boutiques and all plus it right off of newbury which is a mustt go , so isn't copley st. like neb and kenza said fenway park a mustt ! and the TD Bank Garden if its for a game for some comedian thats there for a show it`s always good espicially the food there =x .

cant wait to see your pictures from boston !

Vashni said...

agreed with all of the above.. try north end for food, if ur into hookah, tangierino lounge in charlestown is amazing.. Faneuil Hall! if ur goin in the hotter months it gets exciting, lots of shows and dancers and performers, and stores of course. Having worked on newbury st forever, its amazing.. and lovely for people watching, shopping and brunch on the patio. The waterfront is nice, theres the huge aquarium, if not.. lots of boats and ships that go out daily for whale watching and some that go to the islands off shore n u can go for a few hours or the whole day..

as nebby said, Merengue is amazing. .i was there 2ce last week. also try El Oriental de Cuba, in Jamaica Plain, cuban food..

much luck <3 have fun..

Andy. said...

oc - i'll hit you before i leave & we'll figure shit out when i touch down..

lizza / vashni - i'll def make sure i make it out to newbury st to visit a few shops, i'll try to make it out on a patio if the weather cooperates... o n i'll hunt for Marengue since it has amazing spanish food..... not trying to miss out on that

tx again for your help saves me from relying on trip advisor to plan shit out..