backpedaling down memory lane

this one goes out to anyone who grew up in toronto listening to young tony/deep pockets ... im not even sure how or why im remembering this right now... i guess music has a strange way of sticking with you.. im sure only toronto heads can relate to this but I remember the streets buzzin for months after tony freestyled on project bounce (89.5) --.... definitely a talented emcee -- check out what i dug up online...anyone know if he's still making music?


Anonymous said...

Yeah young tony was the shit, his voice was sick too. He rolls with Drake now and is on tour with him goes buy the name HUSH now twitter.com/ATFhush) , on his myspace he wrote the statement below and that was like 3 years ago, thats even iller he doesnt like the attention, always one step ahead. He did write on his twitter "resh out the booth... its been years.
7:28 PM Mar 28th via web"

Mypace statement
"as far as me getting back into this rap shit, I have no clue what I'm going to do. Rap isnt my thing, I dont like the attention. However, I know Blits always wanted me to blow. I have alot of thinking to do, but I really doubt I'll be releasing any kind of product. I just dont have dreams of being a rapper"

nice post though

Anonymous said...

Good 'ol Anthony from my old neighborhood. Yes he does roll with Drake now. He hasn't been on the mic for a while but he posted this on his fb sometime this month.

" I used to have the kind of money that you can't fold, now I got the kind of money that you can't hold, bout to have the kind of money that you can't count, if you ain't put a hand in... fuck a hand out"

Anonymous said...

this is coming from an inside source but he's bin writing/co-writing for drake, even though drakes a telented artist himself, young tony still helps him out. sometimes young tony now hush writes full verses for him or co-writes when drake gets to busy or writers block its a team effort everyone works everyones paid, it's actualy very common no one owns 100 percent of there songs everyone needs help, opem up a cd and read the discography.


Torsheeee said...

Tony is still doin his thing...saw him on the weekend. He's been touring in the U.S. He's on BIG LEAN (another Toronto Emcee) mixtape cd. He is doing really well.

Anonymous said...

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