appreciate what you have -- "easier said then done"?

short film of what the Earth would be like if it was shrunken down to 100 people in the constant hunt for -- new, cool & trendy have you stopped to appreciate what you have? every now an then i think about where i came from n where im going but i know i take things for granted daily.. im truly a product of my environment (North America)... I only know what i know or what im surrounded by (out of sight out of mind) .... i rarely think of things from a global perspective... i'll try and do better for the worlds sake.. -andy.


MM said...

The people who own little to nothing are more appreciative for the minimum things that they were granted with than those who own the world. I see it as God's way of telling us that we are hunting for the wrong things.

Anonymous said...

Great video andy. Very inspirational.