Pants on the Flo

New York state senator Eric Adams opted not to address current political issues like unemployment or health care in his latest public campaign. Instead "Stop the Sag" is a campaign directed at the saggy pant people of NY.....… (I didn't believe it either..) It would be too easy to post that "Pants on the Ground" American idol track ri about now so i wont even bother -- im sure you've all seen it anyway... With all due respect senator you might want to consider investing your time, energy and tax payers $$ trying to raise the economy in New York rather than the pants in New York… -Andy


kd said...


Check that out.

Andy. said...

i like that Doritos team.. clowning on apple and their iPad video

good find.

Janine said...

I don't want to see anybody's drawls either, but there are bigger fish that need frying.