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>Hi! I have a question about jeans...what brand do you reccomend to avoid the stupid waist gap? I have a small waist and big ol hips/ ass. I splurged and ordered 2 pairs of siwwy jeans but they didnt fit how I hoped they would, and certainly not for that amount of money :( I want to actually be able to sit down in them lol

Maaaaaaaaaaaaan this is an issue i have alllllllll the time. I'm not loyal to any jean brands because as time went by what i have noticed is the more STRETCH the better fit!! My fave pair of  "brand" jeans I own/wear often are 7 Jeans and Jbrand those two fit me very well, then I also have other stretch jeans that I pick up as I go from wherever (Zara, Urban Behavior, Forever21, H&M etc...) that fit like a glove.
Oh! and about the waste gap, because we are blessed/curse w small waste big assitis AVOID and i mean AVOID low waist line cuz the only thing that will do for us and have our ass hanging out of it :/
You know and I know that we don't wanna be in leggings 24/7 so Good luck!!


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Tia said...

Good to know!!!

Boom Hype said...

The best jeans I ever bought for my big ass and skinny waist were pzi jeans. Fit like a glove, with decent denim.

Nebby said...

from where??

Anonymous said...

*sighs*....I too suffer from small waste bigassitis..&& its def. a blessing/curse..&& I REFUSE TO WEAR APPLEBOTTOMS!!! that is all.

Cass said...

I agree with Nebby. Def get something that has stretch and def avoid the low rise shit. Ughhh! And i too also find that Seven jeans fit nice. Otherwise than that, when you have a figure like that you can't actually stay 'loyal' to a certain brand. You have to shop around... A LOT!!!

Anonymous said...

Y'all should just wear a skirt and call it a wrap!

Anonymiss said...

wow, what a lucky problem to have...

I have a low bum, which is a huge issue cause I have to wear really low jeans. I can never wear those jeans that come up to your waist, it just looks so odd.

y'all are lucky... bitches... lol

Erica said...

Hey Nebby....

I love your blog, I read it whenever I get a chance!

The best jeans to wear with those of us with ASSets are...

7 For all Mankind
Citizens for Humanity

and the absolute BEST jeans are JOE's .. they have a jean type called HONEY and they are the absolute best -- I get compliments on them all the time!! And the best part is, they are a little cheaper than 7's and Rock and Republics!

You should definitely try the HONEY's!!

Keep Smilin'

ZI said...


I have a serious ass and rock these
religiously. Best investment I ever made.

D.C. said...

hey neb,

ive been following your blog since Lola posted something about my store. so when I saw this jean Q, I thought I'd pipe in...

fitwise, id recommend a "mid-rise" jean with stretch. it's not low on the waist, but not garter belt high either. brands that make this include Seven, Earnest Sewn, Joe's, Citizens of Humanity, DL1961, Paige and more

if u love the low rise appeal still, there is a new skinny called "four-way stretch" that literally moulds to your body like leggings. Not to be confused with "jeggings", these ones im talking bout are actual jeans.

if u have any q's about jeans, feel free to email me daniel@rainbowjeans.com

ive never met nebb before, but my my girl angelique speaks highly of u, so u must be certified. if u ever need jeans, holler at me.

Nebby said...

Thank you D.C. Those sound like amazing recomendations! I might have to come thru so you can hook me up with some nice fits!!!

Natalie said...

great post! I agree with Zi and Nebby J Brand jeans are amazing. That's a great tip Nebby I'll definitely look for stretch and some of the other suggestions from you guys!