(First pic that came up when i googled "bitch is busy")

I have been getting a lot of messages about where the hell i have been, what i have been up to and where the fuk are the sex posts at!? you dirty lil fukers lol well i miss yous too but you know when you're just so occupied with life and you're just on brain vaca? That's been me.

Well first of all I got promoted to a different shift and now i no longer work nights, i work mon-fri 9-5 it's still taking some time to get used to but i'm getting there.

You know what would make things a tad bit smooth for us??!!!!!!!  if you tell me what you want me to talk about, or if you have a question you want my opinion on.. WHATEVER YOU LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKE

someone mentioned to do vlogs or tutorials..hmmm...about what tho????

Talk to me...


cassy said...

i dont think there is anythin wrong w it just do u if ppl like it cool if they dont BYE BYE lol love ya!


Tanya said...

i know exactly what you mean. I'm going thru something very similar right now where all the fun is on pause and i'm focused to the extreme.
I would love for you to do video blogs about your style such as what you wear when you go out at night??? that would be cool!

Crista said...

Idea for sex post i would like your opinion on: Sex with friends/Friends w benefits.

Chris P said...

LMAOOO at the pic!!! you are very random do a lot of ppl tell u that???

Anonymous said...

how come you sign up for formspring for a day and then cancel? I had some good questions that i asked last night and came back home from work to read your answers and it said "page not found" :(

Nebby said...

thats cuz im bi polar...u can always ask me here ;)
i just made make up vid i'll load it soon xo