Back and forth

>Hey Nebby I have a question. Its kinda broad but I would love your opinion.

My question is: what would be the reason for a person to keep going back to someone when there's no "romantic" feelings involved??
Its a little confusing for me at least, but your opinion/thoughts/views would be helpful!

Hi Summer,

In my opinion it's sadly not just ONE reason but many; sad, lonely, angry, lost, confused, comfortable, bored and the most unfortunate one of all hopeful. When there's no romantic feelings involved/just sex you have to know and not once forget that's all it is, trust me when I say this; when you keep going back to that person, you're only finding temporary solutions for the feelings that you are feeling and to make it worse, not only are you disrespecting yourself but you're also giving the other person the satisfaction of knowing that they have access to you whenever they feel like it. Don't forget that actions speak louder than words, so all that talk they are throwing your way can just go through one ear and come out the other, because if they were serious they would have made something happen. My advice would be to keep busy, whether it's school, work, hanging out with friends, spending more time with family, or whatever your hobbies are, focus on that, because if you are giving that person your time you're not allowing someone new to come into your life. You're better than that!

Wishing you the best,


MiaMartolas said...

i'm felling the same ...
it's so confusing because in some situations he's so sweet and i feel like "yeah ! he still loves me" but at the others ... i don't thinks the same. he talk with other girls but always stay with me . i don't know what to do ... if i let him go and be happy or waiting for better days?
because what confuses me is that i love him a LOT but he just say "i don't want a commitment" and we do all the stuffs that boyfriends do. really, i don't know what to do... can you help me Nebby ? i love your opinions (:

Nebby said...

No no and no!!! He will tell u anythin so u don't walk out of the situation. Its not that he doesn't enjoy ur company or being with u, but ur makin it soooo easy for him to do what he wants and still be able to come to u. You might be his number one but there's also 2 3 4 5 and so on. Don't settle for less than u deserve. Replace his ass he will lose his mind and again say anythin so u come back, but u reaaaaaaally have to hold ur ground.
Its hard, but it takes a lot of practice, change ur # if u have to.

MiaMartolas said...

Hey Nebby ! thank you SO MUCH for your opinion, i think you'r right, i really need to get out and (as you say) "replace his ass" ... i'm so tired of being like this, i'm waiting for 5 months ! it's driving me crazy .
I love your blog and your opinions about everything. i can see that you'r a really nice person (: thank you again.
i'll follow your blog (:

xoxo, Mia