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 Ok,so since you got ride of your formspring, I shall ask my questions:

I've been with my bf since November and I think I'm falling in love with him. I have never been the one to say it first but I feel like I should put my pride aside and just say it. The only problem is is that I'm afraid of what he might say. I know he adores me but not sure if he's in love with me. Any advice?

Hey love muffin,

I can't tell you what to do so I'm only going to let you know what I would do if I was you. Love doesn't have a time limit on it so it doesn't matter how long you two have been together for so if you feel that you are falling in love with him then you are. My pride is huge and it gets the best out of me sometimes so I would actually hold back, you might look at each other and you want to say it but what if you tell him and he doesn't say it back :I (that's how i think)
I guess that's a risk you might want to take, but I know I usually wait for the guy to say it first but i do say things like "Luv ya!" on BBM/Text and you will be able to tell where you stand when it comes to  his reply. 
Take it nice and slow, enjoy what you feel right now there is no rush in saying "I Love You", you know he adores you and you adore him so just savor the moment and let the rest fall into place.

Love ya! ;)

I'll let the readers help you out in the comment section so maybe you can get different opinions. 


Anonymous said...

I have been in a situation where I have told someone I loved them and they didnt say it back. I wasnt hurt by it because when the time came and he felt comfortable enough to say it back, it meant the world to me because I knew he truly meant it.
Also, life is too short to not say how you feel because you are afraid of what he'll say or think. Ask yourself this.. If something happened to him tomorrow would you regret not saying it? If the answer is yes, let it out. You'll never regret it if it's how you really feel, regardless of his response. ;)

MissBang said...

I'm actually in the same shoes as you right now. Although my situation is a touch different (we've been together before and have known each other around 6 years), there is still a sense of pride given the many trials and tribulations our friendship/relationship has undergone. Personally, I hate being in the vulnerable position of saying it first but I think there comes a time in a relationship where being vulnerable is okay and even healthy because with that vulnerability comes trust. Also keep in mind that wanting to tell someone you love them doesn't require you to explicitly verbalize it because according to that overused but very true cliche, "Actions speak louder than words"!

Anonymous said...

totally agree love ya, luuuh you, and the big i love you. carry totally different meanings try the smaller ones before you use the full sentence

Janine said...

I agree with Anonymous. There's always going to be risk involved with putting your feelings on the line, be it now or 6 mos from now. Remember the old adage "pride goes before the fall" which basically means too much pride can lead to disaster. Sometimes you have to put your pride aside and take that risk. No risk...no reward.

Good luck to you.

Anonymous said...

so i was checkin out your tumblr and i gotta say i love you. you are so funny!

btw i saw a pic of you w your friend and you were wearing a grey cardigan with navy stripes on the sleeve....i was wondering if you could tell me where you got it from because i've been looking for that type of cardigan for ages now. that would be much appreciated. thanks

Nebby said...

well lets hope she puts all our ideas in mind and comes up w her own :)

Leah said...

looks like http://letsaskleah.blogspot.com/

-Leah :)