Tis the season...

For cuffin' :)

Good for her!!

For the past few months I have been learning to feel, let in and accept happiness, I hate to say this but a part of me is scared...Maybe one day i'll introduce you guys to my boo O_o mmm hmmm run with it cuz i said it.


foxxy said...

for some reason the first thing i thought when i saw this was, "poor chris..." lol i couldn't help it! that boy is still stuck on stupid for her and it's so obvious.

Anonymous said...

forget chris kiss his fist brown... Nebby has a man! *does happy dance* winter season is always better booed up than not, even for the cuddle factor alone :D

Anonymous said...

i laaalaaalove matt kemp....cf for my dodgers! really humble dude hope the attention does mess with his head...i would say watch out for the herpes (but i dont have proof lol) nebby you should b able to proclaim the love you have for your boo as loud as u want ma cuz in the end its just u and him the others r left behind green w/ envy with their tails btwn their legs

Nebby said...

awww anonymous, that's so fukin sweet :( i mean it. i dont know what my problem is, i hate to say it but im just scared and i dont know why :I

Anonymous said...

Fuck nebby is taken! if you care about the guy you should be able to accept and be proud that your with the person.

& oh Rhi Rhi good for her but I hope that guy doesnt get caught up tho

Anonymous said...

Love these pix! I'm hoping that they're both genuine coz they are fucking hot as a couple!!

And plz tell me y I'm so excited to read that Nebby gotta man?! Lol...u'd swear I know her personally and have a vested interest in her relationship! Or maybe I'm just nosey o_o ...I REALLY wanna know more...whenever ur comfy let us know pahleeeez! Really happy for u hun! How long has it been so far, if u don't mind?

Xoxo Mel :)

miss kay =) said...

awwww nebby =) u have a man bet hes cute much luck to you guys and dont be scared any more lol.... i love your blog you guys make me wannah go to toronto

Natalie said...

I'm happy for Rihanna. She's sold a million in 5 weeks. She's happy and safe (as far as I know lol) what a great start to the year and a hot man to count lol

I think whenever people with a good head on their shoulders are scared it's a good thing.

Yes, it can turn your world upside down completely and throw you out of your comfort zone but just to get you in an even better place. Because things can become so great it can shock you. Enjoy your happiness and it'll get even better when you let the scared go.

Scared = anticipation of better thangs

(sorry to get all "motivational" lol) xxo