it's in the water... (Fluoride)

it's no secret that water is essential for life - but whats in our water might surprise you.. check out a great doc on water fluoridation below. part 1 part 2 part 3
andy, now isn't that the biggest gangster of all - water that kills..
(happy new year - be safe)


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vee said...

Flouride is a controversial topic just like amalgam (silver) fillings or abortions. With anything in life theres always going to be positives & negatives.

With that being said the concentration of Fluoride being put into our water system is very minimal and is controlled by the government. For instance, because Vancouver has its mountains we get naturally occuring fluoride in the water already so thers no need for water flouridation here. but that's not the same for each province.

With water fluoridation, i think, the postitives outweigh the negatives. for example, decrease in tooth decay rate regardless of socioeconomic status(esp. when not everyone can afford dental/has dental coverage), and it makes the teeth and bones stronger.

The posted vids, i think theyre biased. but then again i could be biased as well because im a dental hygienist lol

but i dont give Flouride treatment to ALL my patients, just the ones that had lots of decay/fillings in the past. wow, i wrote a lot..

ps. i enjoy your blog! keep up the good work guys!!!

Andy. said...

Hey Vee – great response nice to get a perspective from some one in the dental industry...

you made a great point at the end of your comment that said "i dont give Flouride treatment to ALL my patients, just the ones that had lots of decay/fillings in the past"

Food for thought:

Should the government be mass-medicating? my point here is although we’ve been told that fluoride is helping “reduce tooth decay” what is it hindering – after all Fluoride is a poison.

-No doctor would ever make a prescription without knowing the patients medical history - so why does the government force this on all of us - There’s no way the government can track each individual’s response to fluoride - so why give it to all of us?

- 98% of water in Europe is Fluoride free and yet they don’t suffer anymore then North Americans do from Tooth Decay. If it was the best way to reduce tooth decay wouldn’t All European countries demand to have Fluoride in their water? … do they know something we don’t..?

At the end of the day Regardless of how minimal Floride is chemical & the government has a responsibility to let people know what chemicals are present in the water. It gives people have the ability to make their own educated decisions.

Thee.boss said...

People are late if they are just finding out about this stuff....its so many things in our water systems....just think of all of the antibiotics that get into the water system which means you are taking stuff that you dont need, so when you do need it you might need a stronger dose.