is this considered ol shit or new shit ?

admittedly i haven't been up on new music since the late 90's -- but this track from the ultra talented lupe fiasco just landed in my inbox -- I know a lot of his work goes over peoples heads but even if your not a fan-- turn this shit all the way up..
"And baby girl, what does it matter where your purse from? Your hurr done, your nails did, your ass fat, but you’re dumb"- lupe
andy, you guys with this ri now or what... cuz to me thats a classic -- (or did I drop the "C" word to early) ....music heads - what's 411 on this track? album dropping soon? from a mixtape?


Anonymous said...

The song leaked a few weeks ago and is supposedly going to be on Lupe's next album "Lasers". Initially, Lupe was pissed about the leak as he should be so his team sent a C&D notice to several blogs telling them to stop posting links. His label Atlantic then intentionally leaked the song just a few days ago.

He says he is done the album but Atlantic is dicking around with release dates.

He has put out an ill mixtape around American Thanksgiving in November. Its about a half hour but in that short time, he makes you realize why hip-hop needs Lupe. He kills every single track.

Lupe is an incredible artist and for the life of me, I can't believe someone of his caliber does not get the props he deserves.

A.B. Solutely said...


The MixTape He Dropped The Nite B4 American ThanksGiving Is Called "The Enemy Of The State:A Love Story"

L a s e r s Should Drop SomeTime In The First Half Of This Year (I Heard Around Late March/Early April)

Lupe Dropped A Song For The Haiti Relief With Kenna The Called "Resurrection"

Lupe Will Always Remind Under The Radar... Which Is Krazi To Me One Of The Only Few That Grew Lyrical Since His Debut In 2006
When He Released "Food & Liquor" A Day Before My B-Day...

Andy. said...

thx gents!

Max Mega said...

shits dope, MAX MEGA

Anonymous said...

Hov told us to watch out for Lupe so imma do what Hov said and sit back.