The Art of Fellatio

Now I've been seeing a lot of these post regarding sex (not just on this site but many others), anyway I've decided to add my two cents. i want to make it clear to all of you out there that oral is something to be shared with the very special person in your life, not just any random john.
Respect yourselves and share this gift with the one you love. Now lets move on, I would like to share with you, some tips to improve your oral skills. If you take this seriously its my promise to you it will significantly enhance your abilities.

Lets also try to keep it mature ppl....

1. The first thing you have to remember, is you gotta be feeling it. Although you aren't receiving pleasure you have to get into it so much so that its almost as if you are. This is incredibly important cause if your not into it chances are your man wont be feelin it as much as he could. Plus this helps you in the long run cause a satisfied man wont be lookin else where to get a fix, and would wanna please you just as much as you please him.

2. The head of the penis has 8,000 nerve endings. Use this as an advantage. This is the spot thats most sensitive to a man, how you touch, lick, suck, will have tremendous effects. So use it wisely. I suggest rubbing your lips around the tip while flicking it with your tongue.

3. The shaft, this part is like a jungle gym you can use your tongue to explore each and every inch. From the bottom of the balls to the tip of the dick all in one licking motion will send your man through the roof. For extra pleasure get creative wit your hands, use both whether he has a big dick or a small one. \
Using two hands adds an extra element to the fun. think about it, how good does it feel when your dude goes down on you while hes fingering you and rubbing your clit at the same time?

4. The balls, I cannot stress enough how important it is to NEVER forget the balls. Lick, flick (with your tongue), suck, and swallow em. And as i mentioned before, use your hands, while your mouths working his balls your hands could be else where, like strokin his dick.

Ok so now that we've got the basics outta the way lets get a lil more creative. Here are a lil extras:

-Change up positions; if you can show you're brave and confident in the bedroom he has no choice but to love you for it. Confidence is everything especially during sex. Do not be shy to show off your body, choose positions that give you man a visual at the same time. For instance... lie down so your heads at the edge of the bed and have your man stand up and feed it to you upside down. while this is going on suck his dick with the tips mentioned before, For the ladies: use one hand to rub your pussy. this will drive him wild.

-KEEP IT WET. plain and simple.

-Deep throat, if you cant go as far as u can, and if you really would like to you can purchase a spray that will help you with this at your local stag shop ;)

Here's an interesting tip: pop rocks + oral = a good time, TRUST ME!

-The area between a mans balls and is anus is another sensitive part. Im not saying lick his ass (thats on u if ur down for that) but anyway if u get that area in between you're golden.

- Teasing/foreplay is a must. some people would argue they just wanna get the fucking but thats not as fun as prolonging the experience. A good way to achieve this is, to have your man lie down, hold his hands over his head while you grind up on him. this'll start him up, then strip one layer at a time, but dont let him touch just yet. Give him oral but when he least expects it slide the tip of his dick inside your pussy then hop off and continue sucking. He will go buck wild when he finally gets all up in that pussy. Trust!

-Dont forget men have nipples that give them sensations much like females do just to a lesser effect. But lesser does not mean non exsistent so do what you youd like done to your nipples to him.

-Make eye contact, like i said confidence is a powerful thing. Be proud and make that connection. Show him that you are on the same level. If you look away or avoid eye contact your being subconsciously submissive and thats not the message you want to send to your man or anyone.

Take these tips and be as creative as you can be. Be safe. and respect yourselves. Theres nothing wrong with being sexually liberated. But being sexually smart is important.

Happy safe Sexing!

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Elva said...

Men & women of North America thank you.

Best thing about this blog is things like these are written tastefully. =]

herman said...

ooowweee! co-sign the eye-contact/confidence thing. nothing better than a woman who is comfortable in her own skin & knowing she can put it down.

Lila said...

Swallow the balls you say? For real, for real? I think I would get pimp slapped with his dick if I made one of his balls disappear magically.

'Don't worry, babe, Imma drink this Herbal Tea for some fast digestion and hand them right back to you.'

Jackee said...

*claps hands*

written so tastefully Nebby. Im definitely goin to RT this on twitter

Nebby said...

Not me, it's leah who wrote it :)

Leah said...

Thanks for the cred, n thanks for allowing me to post on your blog.
I'm glad you all enjoyed it.

Leese said...

This was great! thanks Leah!! keep em comin!!!

Can you tell me more about this "pray"???

Leah said...

of course i can. Just get at my twitter and if you dont have it lemme know and ill send on my email

Anonymous said...

LOL the art of cock sucking, you girls are gonna make a lot of men happy

Anonymous said...

not 'a lot' of men, just our own

Anonymous said...

thanks to leah, we all about to be BECKY's

Leah said...

i guess im a lil outta loop, but anyway what does that mean?

Janine said...

Leah, it's a comment that would seem to be perpetuating the stereotype that only white girls give/enjoy giving head. It's untrue and ignorant.

Anonymous said...

I think she should do a post on "The Art of Cunnilingus". Us dudes could always use some tips.

Nebby said...


there you go