to be honest-

in the beginning I didn't care about tiger woods dipping his putter in some new greens .. but as this story unfolds it hard neglect it...check out the latest - words from the tigers mouth andy, this has a lot of similarities to the situation Mr.Bryant was involved in..


Natalie said...

Okay after reading that.. He so cheated on his wife.

At least that's what I think..

Maybe he threatened to leave and crashed??

Ah well (I think I still don't care much lol)

Anonymiss said...

ok so here's my question. If one of your friends cheated on his/her significant other and shit hit the fan, would you post it on your blog?

why do we care so much about the personal lives of celebrity's? I mean I understand talking about their music, art, fashion, movies... but what do I care what Tiger Woods is doing with his dick?

I'm not saying sometimes a piece of juicy gossip doesn't make me giggle or provide some kind of entertainment, but I do feel ridiculous if I sit there talking about it... like now... eep.

Anonymous said...

.Wats up its ..Andy -responding from my phone..Point taken.. From my perspective I'm really not huge fan of gossip in general ... But one positive that gossip offers is it gets people talking..let me explain what I mean..

I posted this cuz to me its just a topic of current events .. Though I don't care really care about who tigers getting with behind his lady's back .. I like to hear what other people think of the situation.. It offers diffrent perspectives on the route of what's going on in this situation(adultery)

Although I am contributing to media behind this I'm not doing it cuz its tiger woods- yes he slipped up but it brings a good topic back to the forefront of everyones mind..to respond to your question directly If the story was compelling enough I might end up posting it changing around the names of course.. I wouldn't do that with out consent of my friend though .. If they're cool with it I'd be more inclined to post ...the difference here is this is tiger woods an everyone is Already familiar with the story unfortunately for tiger this is what comes with being a global celeb ..

Anonymiss said...

ok I understand this blog is a lot of fun and it's not gonna be the easiest thing to just follow up a sex based interview with world events... but there are so many other things to talk about! I understand what you're saying, and you know, if you posted something about what's going on in Afghanistan lets say people PROBABLY wouldnt really respond, also there would probably be a serious clash in opinions that have anything to do with race, religion, politics or war. And I'm not saying there's anything wrong with talking about celebrity's, they put themselves out there and therefore we have every right to talk about them.

And to be quite frank, I was surprised you posted gossip lol. I mean I don't know you but you don't seem like the type. That's why I had to ask.

Natalie said...

For me the reason? I'm not exactly sure but yes they are global so it's something a lot more people know about than a friend, so (and I wouldn't really want to talk about a friend's life to other people who is in Tiger's circumstance - basically a "bad" situation)

I am very lucky to not have drama in my life. But I do like "drama" (I don't know how to explain this correctly) I really am not a drama-queen. But my like for "drama" is why I like drama TV shows like Lost and used to like the Hills.

I can't quite explain it but I don't like DRAMA. Threatening situations, when somebody is about to break down or even a marriage involving kids breaks down for the world to see (i.e. Tiger Tiger..)

I'd have to agree with what Andy said: "From my perspective I'm really not huge fan of gossip in general ... But one positive that gossip offers is it gets people talking.."