Morocco Moroccoooo

I said that like Shakira shakiraaaa lol

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Morocco Mates

Awww I know exactly where they are too. In Marakkech at Jameh el fna. which is a market where you can do everything from shopping, buying food to watching live performances. So cute, once day I too shall take my boo to morocco :)

Jennifer Aniston: Thanksgiving Day in Morocco!

Jennifer Aniston was at the re-opening of the Mamounia hotel on Thursday (November 26) in Marrakech, Morocco.  Other familiar faces were also there such as Salma Hayek, Adrien Brody, Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr.

I never stayed at The Mamounia Hotel but it looks absolutely beautiful, I'll have a word with my mom about it and go check it out cuz she has HELLA connects back home lol


Anonymiss said...

My people call Morocco 'Marakesh'... I know thats a city but that's just how we say the country name. I know you speak arabic, how do you guys say it? If this is a stupid question I apologize in advance lol

Nebby said...

we call morocco "meghrib" in arabic ;)