A while ago my friend Lissa told me about a gig she had in the Bahamas and asked me if i wanted to accompany her. Before she finished the question I suggested places to stay and started looking for tickets. This was my second time going, first time I was there we stayed on a yacht at the Atlantis where i spent most of my time at the spa it was a beautiful/relaxing... This second time around we stayed at the Wyndham/Sheraton and I wanted a different Bahamian experience, I wanted sun/fun/food/CLUBS and that was exactly what I got.

Will, Jordan and Jib ended up coming a few days after we got there and as soon as we met up with them the good times started rolling. Lissa and I's fave place to eat was the Fish Fry which was basically a strip of restaurants where the locals/tourists went for DELICIOUS Bahamian food.

My fav restaurant to go to was Sea Food Haven, ask for Ms. Evna, she was amazing. Lissa made me try Sky Juice and i just couldn't handle it was soooooo strong so i just stuck to my white wine and rum and coke. Another new discovery i had was Conch (pronounced KONK so you can only imagine that different ways we used that in a sentence lol)

I love everything about the Bahamas, you were so great to me :)

All of these photos are courtesy of Will check out his blog for more pix/stories/videos, I'll post some of my own once i load them.


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Moon Air ( Get it? lol) said...

The Fish Fry is the ish on Sundays. They have DJ's and dancers outside like those "Pasa Pasa" videos... The funniest thing was every tour guide I had kept saying "Did you guys eat the conch? You have to eat some conch before you leave." Was pretty funny specially before we knew what conch was.