You can have whatever you like

Marriage in general is ify to me but if i was to speak on gay marriage i would say WHO GIVES A FUK marry whoever you wanna marry. Why do ppl care so much??? why is it even a debatable issue?! if you are against it then don't marry the same sex


Nicki said...


AYO! stephie said...

Offend who it may but I think the main reason is religion. MOST people that aren't over religious (or homophobic) really jus don't give a fuck.

IDK how to guys/girls getting married has ANYTHING to do w| my marriage/relationships... really, I jus don't see the coorelation.

Anonymous said...

As a Christian believer I'll give my hoot.

If gays are allowed to marry amongst themselves, the Church is asking that it not be done WITHIN the Church. WHERE it is done is the issue and they can't get married within the church because it goes against DOCTRINE and God's word.

Nadine Aires.

Anonymous said...

but how come Blacks are soo homophobic tho especially in Jamaica?

Most of the songs are talking about fucking or killing a gay person?

Miss B said...

to the second Anonymous:

Please do not over generalize. All "Blacks" are not homophobic. Homophobia is not specific to one race, creed or culture, homophobia is a problem within every race and every country NOT JUST Jamaica and NOT just in reggae music.