*start vent* I HATE when parents dress their lil kids so inapropriatly. Don't put weave on your child's head. Don't put make up on em. Don't tell em to turn around and drop it like it's hot. it's gross and the only person gonna be laughing in the end is your child when you're not able to control her ass no more. *end vent*


Sim said...

LMAO at the picture! Phone and all.

I once did the same look on my nephew, Chola make-up and all, and pushed him in the room where his dad was having a 'meeting'. His dad is still looking for me.

Breezi F said...

OMG at the pic it loked like a "little person". I would never ever do that to my kids.

Just a Maury episode waiting to happen!

Anonymous said...

What's sickening is this


^^ ugh.

Janine said...

This pic is probably photoshopped. But I'm sure there are plenty of women who don't think there's anything wrong with painting up their baby like this, or teaching their little kids to 'drop it like it's hot' or even cuss. These are women whose own childhood was lacking and the cycle repeats with the next generation because mom just doesn't know any better. I see them all the time in my neighborhood, mothers and children alike. I feel sorry for them. They are mired in that ghetto mentality and their self esteem is so low that if someone reaches out to them to show them a better way...to help them break that cycle, all they hear is someone degrading them. Frankie from "Frankie and Neffe" is a perfect example of this.

I feel sorry for them.