Purple Cloth Fashion Show

Purple Cloth Fashion took place at Rockwood on Monday. I love me the flannel/farmer look I been on that shit for 3 yrs straight. Looking thru the pix VIA Will's blog. Some other looks: I noticed that some of the looks were very similar to the Brazen Hussy Fall 09 that we attended last fashion week back in Feb such as the lace leggings, the tanks with the bow and an exact replica of the high waisted ruffle shorts, I'm not saying Brazen Hussy invented high waisted shorts or anything but they did come up with the looks and designs on their own to make them one of a kind.
"The copying of fashion design originals – “knocking off” or “affordable interpretation,” depending on your point of view – is a practice that designers may have grudgingly accepted in the past, when less expensive copies took some time to reach stores and only those consumers who could afford the designer-label originals could be the first to follow a trend. "-Christine Magdo from Harvard School Of Law
Read more here. This actually happens a lot in the fashion industry. Many designers use inspirations from other designers for their own lines, sometimes they "remix them" as i like to call it and make it their own. It takes a common eye to notice such a thing but a lot of replica designs go unnoticed. To each his own. Signin off, Neb


Kelly said...

I agree, alot of designers get knocked off, but that's what happens when you are doing something right.

YUNG said...

LMAO. Purple Cloth has been stealing from Brazen since the very beginning.

Sarah said...

Brazen isn't amazing but I see the connection between the two collections, PC should step it up..those looks fail