Hate is a strong word

I hate you I hate you for making me cry late at night I hate you for not being there for me when I needed you I hate you for making promises you can not keep I hate you for taking me for granted I hate you for not knowing you had something great I hate you for not seeing how amazing we were together I hate how I know you're lying I hate what you put me through I hate how you make me laugh when nothing is funny But mostly, I hate how i know you better than you know yourself
I don't get emotionally angry easily. When I do, I cry, I cuss and I write down what I'm feeling at that exact moment... What's crazy about my strong emotions is that as soon as i vent out, 1 hr later I'm over it. I came across this one in my blackberry thought to share with you, who knows you might be feeling the same way. xoxo Neb


A.B. Solutely said...

Weird Bcuz I Am Feeling The Same Way About A Certain Someone... I Just Wrote A Few Poems And Now I Feel Better

Anonymous said...

love ya Neb
you raw

Jainette said...

Writing my feelings down when I'm crying is always so therapeutic for me. It's good to look back on those words the next day when your feeling better. At least for it's a reminder to never let that person let me feel like that again.

Great post, btw.

Anonymous said...

Man lord knows how many of those I have written LOL.

PS. I remember those tears... never thought you could cry till then.
Home MR here knows who he is and feels the same way too.

Nebby said...

oh they always know who they are.