Tah . ron . oh

I don't even know how to start this post...I guess from the begining? But first of all let me just say that yes, I know i'm not the type to see the good in things right away, it might take me a while and yes, I can be the type to point out the negatives first which is not something i'm proud of and actually something i am trying to work on. I have come to the realization that life is a beautiful journey and can be one big fat lesson but whether you learn and move on is totally UP TO YOU. When i first moved to Toronto, I HATED IT! I did NOT want to be here, i missed my best friends, my family and the home sweet home feeling, I even cried on the way, but there was no turning back. I constantly pointed out the negatives about this city as the time went by. I hate how everything is this way, that way, where the fuck is dunkin donuts, why is everyone so fuckin polite, what you mean i can't fucking swear, what you mean guys dont give head lol you name it i picked on it. Every once in a while i would run into people that LOVE this city; such as Trexx and he would spark up a conversation with me about what is new, what's happening, how i'm doing, and I would find myself telling him something along the lines of "...maaan whatever i cant wait to be OUT!" Sidenote: I don't know if you know Trexx but thats the 1 ♥ T.O. guy ...and he would straight up say to me "Neb i am the WRONG person to be talking to about how much you do NOT like Toronto, I love this city" i would simply reply "yea but it's not MY city" it took me more than one convo with Trexx or my close friends, who happen to be from Toronto to realize what he/they saw in this city to finally love and accept it. This city is beautiful and whether i'm in Toronto, Atlanta, Boston, New York, LA or wherever the hell i'm at, it's what I MAKE IT, it might not be where my best friends live or where my family is from or where i went to high school but it's MY city too. Don't ask me why I moved here, just know i'm here now. with that said... Toronto, Thank you for having me, I appreciate you :)

Downtown Toronto from Fotografic Memory on Vimeo.

(video Via 1 Love T.O.)


Kelly said...

We ♥ you

AYO! stephie said...

OHHH, I know exactly how you feel! I'm an ARMY Brat, moved constantly & ended up going to 10 different schools. Everytime I moved, I hated wherever I was at... until sooner or later I learned to love it. Then I would have to move again & that sucked =/ But I grew from it.

I've only been to Canada once when I was young & it was somewhere right on the border & it was raining, that's all I remember. I'd like to visit Toronto though (:

TheDeF said...

you should have your own show on mtv...like the hills, but instead t dot. i'd watch it.........yeah, yall should make that happen. nice post.

Anonymous said...

"what do u mean the guys dont give head" lmao

Janine said...

I can appreciate this post. I live in WILMINGTON, DE. For the longest time, I felt like there was nothing going on here...like there was nothing here period. But time passes and the veil is lifted and you begin to see things differently. Wilmington is my son's birthplace. It's where I've met friends I will have for life. There are a lot of things about Wilmington that I don't love, but I found the best parts of myself here...and it's my home.

Great post, Ms. Nebby.

Natosh Monroe said...

Yes you should have a show dammit Toronto needs a dope reality show callled "Yorkville" or some shit..Something where ppl can see how Toronto life really is. eh hem..I better have a feature ma'am (Natosh) lol..I will admit growing up in NY and the suburbs but close enough to Toronto I wasn't exacylt an I love Canada girl. But lately I have more and more reason to feel proud of my city and realize it makes no sense tryna run after the ATLs and NYs of the world we got our own little thing going on here.Its not like anyone else and we're unique. Women beautiful , men kinda watless..but getting better (head tip)...and just so much parties and fun. It's a laid back city with our own socialites, juicy gossip and loads of shit poppin off always. I love Toronto..especially when I'm out of town n looking for a bag of ketchup chips or every time i ask a waitress for a poutine and get a confused look in NY...there's no place like my new home♥

Anonymiss said...

ok firstly, they're lying they all give head lol, i dont care if they're this or that... they ALL will do it if the right girl uses the right words... seriously.

Can I tell you how much I love my city? I've lived all over it, met all sorts of people, gone to way too many schools, been poor here, been rich here, you name it I did it in Toronto.

We're not all polite, I was a raging bitch prior to 20... but I'm real polite now lol

It's hard to move around a lot, even though I was always here, I found it really hard to adapt but the skills that you develop from being in a constantly changing environment are priceless for real.

And girl, you know the cream of the crop here, you ain't got nothing to be complaining about lol. Imagine how my suburbian, socially difficient self should feel constantly moving around my city, never getting a chance to actually create a circle for myself lol. You have an international support system, you're very lucky ;-)