Rookie Wine Drinkers Unite

up until last Thursday i didn't know much about wine - ...had time to kill thursday afternoon an stumbled into an LCBO, ended up getting schooled by an old wino -long story shot - he put me on to this shit now an now im co-signin .
it was easy to drink. tasted great & got me faded quick (what more could you ask for in a bottle). To my fellow rookie wine drinkers: go out grab a bottle n try it if you hate it blame me To my veteran wine drinkers: im sure you already broke bread and poured this out a few times but if you haven't had it make this bottle your next one.
For me: I'm just looking forward to not having to wander down the wine aisle aimlessly when im trying to switch it up (finally got a label to look out for)
**if anyone out there knows a good bottle i should try let me know an ill look out for it next time im in the wine aisle.
andy, cheers to the old wino who put me on..


Nebby said...

I been drinkin wine lately!!! my new obsession, andy pls come over for some wine :) lol is this white or red??? i only fuks w white the red is a tad bit creepy pour moi

BrwnEyed25 said...

Moselland's Riesling. It's a German white wine.

Chef blade said...

Here's a few you could try:
California Chardonay
Beaujolais Crus
Chianti classic ,these are all good drinking wines but i use them for cooking!

Andy. said...

sorry i should have mentioned - it's a red wine.

nebby your drinkin wine now too?you know what this means ri.. were getting old

brwneyed25 + Chef blade - ill look out for those. thanks

DANA said...

A great table wine is Calvet Reserve. It's a Bordeaux. It's only about twelve dollars, it's consistently good has the body of a vintage. It's oaky and really dry. Try it!

Stumbled across your blog...interesting stuff, I must say.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

04 amarone
j.lohr california cab sauv

if you don't know..now ya know