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As a fave reader I know you guys like to keep your nail game a 10. So I have to ask you guys one question. Would you rather go to a salon or have the salon come to you? So the business idea would be something like you book your appointment and instead of trekkin' to the salon, an esthetician comes to your crib. Something like a 'delivery' nail service. I been asking several girls and have been getting mixed responses. What do you guys think? Would you mess w/ somethin' like that?

Nadine 'I read the segment more than daily news' Aires

My answer: Depends on the price/service if its 4 times more expensive to have them come to ME....i'm going to THEM. The idea is great for the girl that is too busy and on the go and needs everything to come to her. I would prob. mess with it once in a while.



Anonymous said...
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Anonymiss said...

I do my own nails like %90+ of the time

It sounds cool but how many people are you really gonna fit into your schedule to make money?

you got one girl in scarborough then a next one downtown then one in richmond hill, too much traveling in between sounds like to me.

Euro said...

If I'm by myself I would rather go and get it done with. But having it 'delivered' to me sounds like a great idea for those days when my friends are at my place and we're having a 'girls day', then it would be perfect, but by myself, no.

Good luck Nadine!

NadineAires said...

Anonymiss makes some good points w/ transportation. & Euro.. so many people would agree w. you. Thanks for the feedback Neb & to all the commenters.

Neesh B Fly said...

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Anonymous said...

The lady at the nail place near where I live said later this year she's going to start coming to people and it may be only $5 more than if you were to the shop. She also has a deal where if you get 5 other people to come to your house and pay to get thier nails done then you get your nails and eyebrows done for free.

Anonymous said...

I would'nt mind doing that at all.....Sometimes I feel going to the nail shop is a fashion show and some times I truly feel like dressing down. 1