the curve on your hip... I blackberry'd yea

it's no secret im a devoted blackberry fan so when I got the opportunity to spend the day at RIM in waterloo (ground zero for blackberry) I couldnt pass it up...
i wish i had tons of photo's to share -but i dont' security "confiscated"my camera as soon as i got in the building..but the day went a little like this..
10:00am -10:20am... arrive/ meet&greet / breakfast
10:30am -11:00am... executive transfer to R&D (research & development) where I chopped it up with some real cool folks and learned a thing or two about the detail that goes into each product. (i tried to give em suggestions but they were already 100 steps ahead of me..they had a response for all my "it be cool if my phone could.." suggestions)
11:05am - 12pm... tour of the manufacturing floor/lines where I geeked out and asked 101 questions (I couldn't help it) shouts to my soft spoken but highly educated tour guide sanjeev - he actually let me put together a blackberry curve..(which basically ..made my day)
12:05pm - 1:30pm... lunch with the bb team (the food was incredible & wine was exquisite)
1:50 - 2:30pm... product show & goodbyes
andy, thanks to the bb team for:
1. always taking care of me
2. inviting me out
3. showing me around
definitely an experience of a lifetime


Nicki said...

Gotta love the Loo! Born and raised! Which RIM building were you at??

Simplicity said...

''they had a response for all my "it be cool if my phone could.." suggestions''

LOL! But what else do you want on your BB, Andy? I still have to find out what l can do with mine besides calling and texting. *shame*