Finally stopped procrastinating and headed down to the water front to go to the driving range.. I got the chance to go for the first time last year an it was cool - I have this undeniable love affair with learning to do things that people wouldn't expect me to do.. (long story short) - I had a blast trying new things is always easier with good company(n vodka).. missed a lot of photos cuz the camera died... got these before it was to late though click the photo to make em XL
cheers, andy


JL said...

Absolute Vodka Of Sweden: The best way to drink vodka! lol

Natalie said...

Those pictures are really nice.. I love the third one the fact that you can see the CN tower through the buoy

Anonymiss said...

I need to invest in a new cam, one thing I really like about this blog is that it's really encouraging. I read about Nebby's adventures out on the town and get off my ass, do my hair slip on something cute and get out there. I read about Andy's trips and start making plans of my own to get going somewhere. Kenza get's me stuck on google with her gossip news sometimes too (and I'm wondering what book she invested in)lol.

So this here post gets me thinking I need a new camera cause I love to go trigger happy with a digi... also, I went to that creamery ice cream place, holy clogged arteries batman the black cherry and cheesecake had me gasping for air! there's a place in Richmond Hill called ti amo gelato just north of Mackenzie and Yonge across the street from the new theater, if y'all get a chance it's all that flavour with a lot less cream involved lol.


TRè said...

The Jack Purcell's.. I like to call them rich man Chucks