a shot of Oxygen..?

02 in the city - went to check out an Oxygen Bar saturday.. long story short.. it was somewhat relaxing, an left me feeling a bit more alert -but for the most part rather pointless... nevertheless it's always cool trying new things... took a few photo's - check it out.(click the photos to make em XL)
andy, feelin like a sucka cuz i paid for oxygen..


Euro said...

''feelin like a sucka cuz i paid for oxygen''

Hahahaha! It's one of those must-trys. Unfortunately in this damn city there are only oxygen bars for rent(office parties, festivals etc).

Anonymiss said...

was it expensive Andy?

Janine said...

Ha! You paid for smelly oxygen. LOL!

FraNcis James said...

oh word?! I won't lie, I wanna check this out just to say that I've been to one.

are there any bartenders handing out this stuff? lol

Andy. said...

miss - it only a dollar a minute not to expensive the avg time people use it for is about 20minutes ... i only did 10 minutes

francis - lol i wouldn't call em bartenders... more like people to tell you how to get it all set up..