Oh no no no

Anal play/sex... No/No thanks. I'm just NOT with it. i have guy friends who are OBSESSED with booty sex, they swear by it and talk about how amazing it is, still i'm good. Rewind to where I was mid sex and my boo at the time ALMOST put his pinky in my bum hole o_O I almost turned around and drop kicked his ass, I was pissed, I felt violated and I was turned off. I just dont want anything over there, i dont know if i will feel this way forever but as of right now I would love to remain a virgin in my ass. I just think its nasty cuz doodoo comes out of there and NO MATTER HOW CLEAN NO MATTER HOW FRESH I'm sure once you put sumthin up there it's not gonna come out smelling the same :I lol i remember i heard a story about a girl who was GETTIN it from the back booty style and the boy was going fassstttt when he pulled out her doo doo went EVERYWHERE lmaooooo bahahhahahahha, ok i'm done. Booty do, how you feel about it? does it hurt? if you have never done it, would you? what about a finger? tongue? pinky??? lol LET ME KNOWWWW i'm curious like woah but not so curious that i would actually get my feet wet.. PS: i'm so happy you guys are enjoying my x rated mind!


Tia said...

LMAOOO i never knew you were this open i love it

Anonymous said...

My cousin told me that it's like shit coming in and out of ur ass....and she told me when she used the restroom shit just poured out of her ass.

On that note: I PASS on the anal ahahaha

Anonymous said...

WOW....Have you tried using a Enema?!?

AYO! stephie said...

Personally never done it & don't plan on it anytime soon.

One of my friends told me about her experience... she said that shit hurt like no other pain you'll experience. BUT, she continued to do it =| especially during her period. I was like, bitch you can't wait a week to get your freak on? GAHHH damn.

Doo doo out the butt = unacceptable. plus, butt sex reminds me too much of porn stars... not trynna be one of those =x lmao.

Anonymiss said...

whoa whoa whoa whoa... this is a really new side to this blog lol...

Well, miss freakaleek, it's for the guy. I don't understand busting from sex period, let alone the back entry boom boom. The finger is the lead up to the magic sticking...

... bring lube yo.

Nicki said...

oh how I love this blog even more now lmao! it can't get any better than this!

and I agree with you about booty sex. nothing should go IN there. I always assumed it would feel as though you were taking a shit, hence the story you heard about the girl shitting everywhere. That's not exactly the feeling I would want to feel while I'm gettin' it.

I heard that the guys "G" spot is in his ass. I have a deep obsession with porn and I've seen some where the girl fingers and licks the guys ass. I don't get it. I know that's nasty but I had to go there. sorry :|

Anonymous said...

I'm a virgin...in one of my holes lol I have always been curious but never enough to actually try it. A guy friend told me once that the reason some men love it so much is because the butthole is *ahem* always tighter than the other one. Could that be b/c ur ding dong wasnt meant to fit back there in the first place?! lol

Afrykah said...

LOLOLOL!!!! I'm not for it either... but the way you wrote this is hilar... maybe you might wanna try a pinky.... ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!

AnitaH SparkZ said...


Never say never...well I can say NEVER on this topic!

my points...

-not natural (can't procreate)

-(my opinion) if your a dude who like that hole they migh as well fuck another dude...lmao!

p.s. On another note...Nebby have u heard of the NOISETTES...a wicked band check em out!

here's the link...



Anonymous said...

LMAOOOOO this is a completely new side of you that I thought didnt exist lol

TheDeF said...

All EXTERIOR activities are permitted at the rear [smack it, flip it, rub it down...all dat]. I was watchin some shit a while ago and the chick was like, "oh i love anal sex. it feels great and it keeps me regular."....WHAAAAA?!!

Is that the same willy wanker she's gonna let pa pa pa poke her face? dude, nasty.

NV said...

well I just took a dump and would like to say that it felt quite good... you know the ones that just flow right OUTTTTTT!! *key woordddddd = OUTTT!!! Having a dick coming up the turd tunnel is not natural and therefore... not pleasingggg!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL I love how someone just plugged a band after talking about anal sex.
Lawd god!

Nebby said...

Reggie! i have... but for some reason i highly doubt a big ol dangwang would feel like a tiny lubed up tube

mighty mar said...

....idk what to say this was too funny

Anonymous said...

all the bitches here talkin about "oh it hurts" and 'thats nasty' just havent done it or havent gotten used to it



im telling you

you havent dealt with the right dudes

those boys havent slipped their tongue down there for you????

those boys havent like, turned you around and put your legs together and eaten your pussy from the back?

and slipped their tongue in your butt hole too?

trust me

with the right guy lickin your pussy and your butt hole

and sticking his tongue in it, while playing with your clit and fingering you

then putting thick spit on his pinky, putting it in your ass while eating your pussy

and then lube on other fingers to keep progressively opening you up....

it might feel a bit weird the first few times, it could hurt still.... the guy has to pull in and out lots of times with lubing inbetween so that the lube gets in all the crevasses inside

and the dude has to go slow

and pull out, and put his tongue on it to soothe it intermittently

and you should ride him cowboy so you can control how deep it goes at first

then after a few times doing it, youll get used to it

you have to concentrate on RELAXING

you know when someone pinches you and you involuntarily clench your asshole?

if you do that while the boys going in and out of you youll hurt yourself... and this is an easy mistake to do that could turn you off easily

you have to make sure you dont squeeze no matter what.... you need to have an empty stomach and push out a little bit so your butt hole is nicely open and as inviting as possible

trust me

and then you can use a toy in your pussy when he hits the booty... like city of god.... they werent lyin doggy

keep in mind tho... when you give a man ass.... it either means you love him or youre a sleaze so be careful

and about the cleanliness.... ya enemas would clean you out.... thats kinda extra and nasty tho... pushing liquids in your ass and pushing them out to clean out all the debris LOL..... girls shouldnt go thru this stress to give man such pleasure

if it gets dirty let him deal with it two ways:

condom - great cleanliness but loss of sensitivity

washing - sometimes just sometimes theres little bits of dirt on the mushroom part of the boys head but nothing a shower wont fix

try having an empty stomach, being showered, and not having gone doodoo for the day with all the lube and patience and youll love it eventually

for real. girls who stick with it more than approx. 10 times will end up loving it.


the girl that shat herself was a newbie... fuckin on a full stomach... always do it on empty stomach and empty bowels

and LOL @ ignorance = "my opinion) if your a dude who like that hole they migh as well fuck another dude...lmao!"

^ yeah, because wanting to get extra freaky with a beautiful curvy sexy gorgeous female in her sweet tight tight butthole makes you gay... ROLLSEYES

and... do it sparingly (no more than 2-3 times a month) to avoid any possible discomfort

Reggie said...

I love the stalker comment!!!!! But if doing right, Neb...It does feel pretty good.....:)

Anonymous said...

Wow Ms.Nebby! Preach the truth! haha. Although I am so glad you put that warning on your page before I opened this site up at work. Imaging one of my oldass coworkers faces' if they saw me reading this...would be some classic shit!

Janine said...

Really, uh...in depth anonymous post, there. LOL!

I'll just say this...booty do is for monogamous, sharing the rent/mortgage, gots a kid or two, ain't nobody goin' NOdamnWHERE relationships. It's for the very, very special occasion. Like homeboy just got a $600,000 a month raise and a transfer to Figi. That type of special occasion.

FraNcis James said...

I agree with Ms Sparkz I don't understand a man wanting to pound an asshole or a woman or gay man wanting to have their *sh@t pushed in"

And whats all this talk about a mans G spot in the ass?!! fu#k that!!

I don't ever want my girl going anywhere near that hole... I don't even want a gust of wind passing near it!

you know the saying play with fire you get burned? I say play with bum you get doo doo

speaking of doo doo;

I know this one stripper that had a man ask her if
she could sH@t in his cowboy hat.. (WTF!) turns out somebody actually did it for him. He paid the owner of the caca , put the hat on and walked out the club like it was nothing...WTF!!!!!!!!!! smh

TheDeF said...

what the fuck was that god damn penthouse collection ass response.....lmao...thank goodness you're anonymous cause i dont think i wanna know you like that

flava flav WOW on that one lol

Jai. said...

Okay this has nothing to do with this post, but there are now two Jai's that comment on this blog. This could be a problem. lol
Get ya own name....BITCH! lol jk
But dang, I hope she's not gonna be on here saying reckless ish and then it looks like Im saying it. oy ve.

P.S. Yeah babeeey! X-rated is where it's at! lol owwww.

Maryfelix said...

i gotta look over my shoukder now to open this blog up @ work!!! LMAO. i've tried it and am not a fan. will i try it again?? depends how drunk i am LOL. i've gotten complaints bout how i let him do it before but wont let him do it now. I WAS DRUNK NIGGA! i was relaxed as hell, not phased by ANYTHING! even a wee wee in the bum LOL. dont think i can ever be that relaxed again though =s

Nebby said...

mary u dont remember????? so u cant share details??? ok so point 1. must be relaxed.... as much as i hate stalker anonymous they made it so detailed that i enjoyed readin the comment

Afrykah said...

1) Obsessed with and swear by how good it is?? Umm so the obsession is mostly with dudes?? Well if it feels so nice to give it, dudes, please be on the receiving end sometimes too.... PLEASE!

2) Dear anonymous male with the discriptive long story about how to do it right... Have you or would you ever take it up zi bung?? if no why not? p.s. the male g spot is in the bung so do please consider

3) I love how erry body so curious bout the bung bang (including me)... I'll leave a nigga with a story to tell (aka a secret)... hee hee hee hee!!

Nebby said...

lmaooooooooooo ps the anonymous is a girl...has to be cuz she a haterrrrr