in case you were wondering ...

the book that i chose to read isssss ... and im loving every minute of it. you guys' suggestions were great. my next book will also be from that list :)


Natalie said...

Yeah those suggestions were great, you guys should make a book post regular


Anonymiss said...

ooooo, I win lol.

if you like that, there's also a book called A Long Way Gone: Memoirs Of A Child Soldier by Ishmael Beah, it's the true story of war in South Africa and walks you through the recruitment and brainwashing that's used to procure children for the purposes of warfare. It's a really unique story because he eventually get's saved by aide workers (reluctantly as he now considers the army his family, most of the kids are misplaced or orphaned) and walks you through the process which is rare, usually they just talk about all the trauma and gory details.

The author of War Of The Bloods is a really cool guy and you can actually email him when youre done the book and tell him what you thought of it and he'll write you back, that's really awesome as far as im concerned.

Happy reading Kenza :-)