Do you believe women should pay child support??? Why? Why not?


meganmuse said...

Yup! If dude is the one taking care of the kid why not? Which reminds me a couple of years ago the goverment of ontario had a website where they published the names/pictures of individuals who owed apalling amounts of child support. Dont recall seeing any women though just tons of deadbeat dads! :(

msTEASEa said...

From what I know, in Canada, the woman/mother is automatically looked as the nurturer for any child and it would be considered to be in the best interest of the child to be raised by the mother. If the Mother needs to work it is possible that the income of her job does not pay enough to hire a sitter or enough to put the child in daycare. There is definitely more responsibility, for any parent if they have to raise the child or children on their own, especially if their income barely covers it.

It is common in any custody battle, that the court will most likely rule in the mothers favor, unless there is reasonable doubt the mother is incompetent of taking care of the child. The whole idea of child support is to provide financial help for the parent, who has full custody of the child. Therefore, mothers are usually the ones who receive the child support. But I mean, this is definitely a tricky question because I would like to take the equality stance and say Yes, if a woman is earning substantially more than her former partner then she should have to pay child support. But this is of course considering that the child has been given custody to the Father, instead of the mother and the fathers financial situation is unstable.

So my answer is... this is all relative of course. It depends on the circumstances.

kneesee said...

my mother definitely paid child support and still does. my dad definitely makes more than mom, but we are her children, all 4 of us, so we felt the need that she should have.

Nebby said...

wow wow and wow to the replies but kneesee pls explain!!

kneesee said...

okay neb! here is the rundown:

after the divorce was final, everything was split in half and they both had joint custody for the four of us. and then my mom tried to scheme us (we were all young, she sold us dreams) in getting full custody of us so that he could pay child support. in reality i think she just wanted to retire. to be quite honest, i love my mom to pieces but she was not capable of raising 3 teenagers and a 7year old on her own. my father was the one who petitioned for the divorce (infidelity and i'm the one who told on her. such a wowowow story) so my dad fought her in court, we told the truth about what she wanted out of it. she was unfit as a single mother. she lost all custody rights and full custody was granted to my father and per court order, child support. he had a mortgage, 3 carnotes+insurance, bills and four kids to feed. he didn't want us to work, he wanted us to go to school. there was no way that my dad could work 70+ hours a week, and still be able to afford to live. i don't think she fully understands the importance of child support to this day. she's convinced that my father uses the money on himself, but he's always given it to us to use. he knows what he's doing with it. and for the past few years, he is gracious enough to give some money back everytime a payment came.

i'm not really good at typing this, but believe me. its a crazy story!

Nebby said...

woooow thats a story for real, its crazy how things that take place in each person's life is what makes them the way you are, my childhood was crazy itself drama drama drama between the parental units, until this day too, i never meant to pick sides but i knew who was in it for what and i got to admit that it has fucked me up and also made me so much stronger so hey! it issssss what it isssssss xoxoxoxo thank you for sharing :)