Give Money Make Change

VIA Coco & Lowe: 10 Reasons why you should support the remix project!! 1. It has been successful in changing the lives of 120 ‘at risk’ youth in just 3 years 2. It is a United Nations Habitat Programme award winner for Excellence in Community Safety and Crime Prevention 3. The Remix Project’s staff are passionate about effecting change in our community 4. The current home of Remix is being torn down to make condos 5. Was funded through a research pilot grant by National Crime Prevention Canada (NCPC) but because the grant only funds programs in their pilot stages they need to find funding elsewhere 6. The NCPC loves this program so much that they want to help replicate it in other cities 7. It is one of the largest youth led Urban-Arts program in Toronto 8. The Governor General, the mayor AND the police dig it (almost as much as the kids do) 9. Remix takes bleak outlooks and turns them into bright futures 10. Remix Makes Dreams Come True oh and WE ALL LOVE IT, SUPPORT IT AND ENDORSE IT! http://www.brazenhussy.ca http://www.thelegendsleague.com/ http://www.cocoandlowe.com http://ilovewhatwomenwant.blogspot.com/ http://heydoyou.com/ http://nebbys.blogspot.com/ http://1loveto.com http://www.thelegendsleague.com/ http://octobersveryown.blogspot.com/ Join us Thursday June 11th @ CIRCA to Dance Till The Lights Come On for a most excellent cause! find out more here: http://theremixproject.ca/give or here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=83745510543&ref=ts buy tickets here: http://givemoneymakechange.eventbrite.com book booths here: eva@cocoandlowe.com

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