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"Ok so hella random but this is fav reader lexx. I see that you lightnd your hurrr that was once upon a time black. How you get it to lightn up? I have been tryn for the longest at home on my own of course lol. Any ideas? Thanks hella! Xoxo lexx Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry" Hey Lexx! I have actually been asked this question a lot, I was coloring my hair with black (jet black) dye all the time and when i wanted to go light i stopped coloring my hair for about 3 months, i wanted to do it myself but with the horrible experiences i have had before i said no way I'm just going to ruin it. I went to the hair salon, sat for a consultation and the hair dresser said "NO WAY sorry your hair is dyed JET BLACK with the box color there is NO WAY we can lift it to light brown PLUS it's damaged" I told her i knew my hair and if she did not want to do it i would simply go to shoppers, grab bleach, bleach my hair and come back to beg her to fix it when its all orange and patched up, she actually believed me and agreed to try to lift it. She stripped the color, meaning she lifted it and the highest level she could lift it to was a brown, it wasn't a LIGHT brown but it was a chocolate brown, not black at least, then i asked her to put A LOT of highlights so that its brighter/lighter to show more, so basically my base is a chocolate brown and its full of blonde highlights and TADAAAA you get this. (Extensions not included lol) I spent about $150, i just went to a hair salon at the mall, but if you reaaaaaaaaally want to do it at home which i DO NOT suggest you do, you get someone to do it for you at home, buy bleach put it in your hair and have them WATCH it like a hawk to make sure the color lifts a lil (prob 5-7 min) wash then (wait about 48hrs) to highlight, it will damage the shit out of your hair so i really think it's best to go to the hairdresser. HOPE THAT HELPED!!! xoxo, Neb

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known by many namez said...

thats dope. i never colored my hair before. urs came out beautifully