Fave Reader: Natalie

"Hey Andy, Kenza and Neb

Hope you are all okay and that good stuff but I just have a quick question for Andy:

Seeing as you just got the Canon Powershot SD 880, how would you rate it? Like a review, I'm thinking of buying that or the Sony Cybershot T700 and I was wondering if I could get your input it would be greatly appreciated

Thanks for reading


PS - Nebby you haven't been neglecting the blog, you're a person you got stuff to do! Still love The Segment and check it all the time, it's about quality not quantity

Andy will take it from here :)

Thanks for coming back again again and sum mo' again


Andy. said...

Hey Natalie,Thanks for the E-mail

It’s tough for me to not be bias in this situation… I’v only ever owned one camera, and im still learning how to use it. Before buying this cannon I did a lot of research to find the best quality camera at a fair price. A lot of the feedback I got recommended this Cannon. If you havent’ noticed im very much a rookie photographer although I don’t know all the technical aspects behind photography. I havent’ had any issues using this camera .The camera offers a wide variety of features (to be honest half of them I still don’t know how to use properly..)

At the end of the day I think what most of us look for when buying/using a digital camera is an easy to use camera that consistently produces high quality photo’s. This cannon has defiantly met and surpassed my expectations in that regard. I would highly recommend it. Im not sure how the sony stacks up against the cannon check out cnet.com

Hopefully this helps…If you have anymore question feel free to respond

Check this link for the Cnet Review - http://reviews.cnet.com/digital-cameras/canon-powershot-sd880-is/4505-6501_7-33310696.html?tag=mncol;lst


Natalie said...

Thanks Andy, but just one more question:

Do you find the camera too bulky?

Thanks again

Andy. said...

bulky not at all... it's not the thinnest camera on the market but i dont' find it to be bulky... if your looking for a spy camera that's super small and compact then this might not be the best option.

Too often when electronic devices get smaller the quality also diminishes.. I suggest you dont' sacrifice quality for size. its a mistake I think far to many people have made - do you really want a camera that's tiny, looks great and takes horrible pictures?

if you have to opportunity: buy the camera try it out if you find it too big/bulky return it and try the sony - use the return policy to your advantage until you find the camera that works best for you.. (the store might not be to happy but you’re the customer so don’t’ be shy.)

I feel like im a part of the purchase decision now – so let me know what you end up buying.


Natalie said...

lol you feel like a customer.

I finally decided I am getting the Canon reviews have been excellent and you made a very good point not getting one that is too compact and in turn a crap camera.

I'm going to get it sometime next week (ordered) and I'll let you know how I find it

Thanks again (honestly)