SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!



The Definition said...

What the frick and frack?!!! Thats like some David Copperfield magic shirt folding shit.....lol I must master this technique....Nebby where the heezy do you find this stuff?

ps. welcome back ma-ma. next time get an extra ticket and fedex that hoe to atl so i can enjoy those white sand beaches tambien.

Fev said...

LOL..they use that in a KFC commercial here..

Natalie said...

Nah that's psycho... I'm about to grab a t-shirt and try it out

Just like the Big Bang Theory [the show] I was gonna make a t-shirt folder... I just wish my clothes looked like a Gap display lol


hater be. • TheRegendsReague • said...

old news. cmon neb!


lotafe said...

this is super funny!
i'm sad u guys have ads on ur site now.
such clutter
perpetuates the cycle of ad bombardment and religious consumerism.

known by many namez said...

!!!! that was dope!!! too bad it didnt work for me tho lol