Problem gambler files $3.5B lawsuit against OLG

You have got to be kidding me!! I heard this on the radio this morning and i was SHOCKED! this man who registered himself under the 'self-exclusion' program is slapping OLG with a lawsuit.
"According to the unproven statement of claim, Dennis, of Markham, Ont., blew about $350,000 between August 2000 and May 2004 on various slot machines. His health declined, he became depressed and anxious. After an 11-week, $59,000 binge, he signed a self-exclusion form at Woodbine Racetrack on May 23, 2004. Officials took his personal information and photograph.
Nevertheless, he continued going into gaming facilities and gambling, leading to another $200,000 in losses." ok ok ok... SO! 1. I completely understand why he is upset and wants to throw a lawsuit at OLG, he participated in that foolish program and they still let him gamble..cool, lawsuit approved. 2. WHERE THE EF DID YOU GET THIS $500,000 that you "LOST" gambling. 3. I'm gonna look past the $500,000 but WHY ARE YOU FILING A $3.5 BILLION LAWSUIT ?!?!??!? I'm speechless. Appalled !

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