he went in 99 for a 10 year bid, i know the game/industry has changed quite a bit since then but damn im really looking forward to his release..

anyone know when he's scheduled to be released? andy, I might need a late pass on this is he already out?


Super Woman said...

He should be home soon, He's not out yet put that late pass away.

Angie went to see him and he'll be home realllyyyy soon!

Sam C said...

Wow I haven't heard the OG vinyl version of Had Boys since hot97 played it almost 10 years ago. I think I first heard it on Funk Flex's show and he was hypin' dude up haha.

He's supposed to get out sometime this year but I don't know the date. If anything the whole bad boy beef is mad old. We already know diddy left him hanging so I suggest he keep it moving and make music.

It'll be tough for him to get his career back to where it was. If anything I hope everyone can move on from that mess. We could all benefit from fewer incidents like this in rap.

FraNcis James said...

yes looking forward to that too

AnitaH SparkZ said...

The entire Album was a banger...well atleast to me!!!

btw did ya'll know John Forte came outta jail?!?!....

Both of 'em are very under rated!